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Author(s) Mark P. Miller.
Category Population genetics.
Licence Free.
Last release version 1.3 – 1997.


Program highlights and capabilities

“Tools for Population Genetic Analyses [(TFPGA) is] a Windows program for the analysis of allozyme and molecular population genetic data [...]. Additional features include the ability to analyze hierarchical data sets as well as data from either codominant markers such as allozymes or dominant markers such as AFLPs or RAPDs.” (Miller, 2000)

“TFPGA has been designed to make the analysis of your data as easy as possible. The core of the program is an integrated text editor that facilitates data entry or the viewing of results.” (Miller, 1997).

The following analyses can be run in TFPGA (Miller, 1997):

Program requirements

“TFPGA is designed to work with any system running Windows 3.1 or later (this includes Windows 95 and NT). Approximately 1 MB of hard-drive space is required for program files. Given that most analyses are computationally involved, a fast 486 or Pentium-class CPU is highly recommended.” (Miller, 1997).


“Run the file "setup.exe" from either Program Manager or File Manager to start installation. You will be asked to name a directory to which the program files should be copied. If desired, simply select the default installation directory ("c:\TFPGA"). If, during the installation procedure, you receive an error message reporting that a "file is in use", select "O.K.". When installation is complete, a new Program Manager group will be created that contains icons for TFPGA and its accompanying "help" file.” (Miller, 1997).


  1. “TFPGA is being distributed free of charge to anyone who cares to use it.” (Miller, 1997).


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