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Author(s) Francis Yeh , Rong-Cai Yang, Timothy Boyle, Zhihong Ye and Judy X. Mao.
Category Population genetics.
Licence Free.
Last release Version 1.32 - December, 2000.
Website http://www.ualberta.ca/~fyeh/


Program highlights and capabilities

“[POPGENE] is a user-friendly computer freeware for the analysis of genetic variation among and within populations using co-dominant and dominant markers. This package provides the Windows graphical user interface that makes population genetics analysis more accessible for the casual computer user and more convenient for the experienced computer user. Simple menus and dialog box selections enable you to perform complex analyses and produce scientifically sound statistics, thereby assisting you to adequately analyze population genetic structure using the target markers.

[...] Version 1.32 is designed specifically for the analysis of co-dominant and dominant markers using haploid and diploid data. POPGENE computes both comprehensive genetic statistics (e.g., allele frequency, gene diversity, genetic distance, G-statistics, F-statistics) and complex genetic statistics (e.g., gene flow, neutrality tests, linkage disequilibria, multi-locus structure).” (Yeh, 2001).

Program requirements


Recommended citation

The authors suggest citing their software as follows:

Yeh, F.C.; R.-C. Yang, T. Boyle, Z.-H. Ye and J.X. Mao. 1997. POPGENE: the user-friendly shareware for population genetic analysis. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Centre, University of Alberta, Canada. [Available at http://www.ualberta.ca/~fyeh/]


  1. “The computing modules are limited to a maximum of 1400 populations, 150 groups, 1000 loci and 52 alleles per locus for allelic data.” (Yeh, 2001).


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