Genetic Data Analysis

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Genetic Data Analysis
Author(s) Paul O. Lewis and Dmitri Zaykin.
Category Population genetics, teaching programs.
Licence Free.
Last release version 1.1, January 7, 2002.

Genetic Data Analysis (GDA) “[...] was written by Paul O. Lewis and Dmitri Zaykin specifically to accompany [Weir’s (1996)] book.” (Lewis, 2002).


Program highlights and capabilities

“GDA is a Microsoft Windows program that performs analyses on discrete genetic (i.e., allelic) data. The analyses performed by GDA are described in [Weir (1996)].” (Lewis, 2002).

“It computes linkage and Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium, some genetic distances, and provides method-of-moments estimators for hierarchical F-statistics.” (Lewis, 2006).

Program requirements

Recommended citation

The authors recommend citing their program as follows:


  1. The older version of the executable file (i.e. for Windows 3.1x, 16-bit OS) is not longer available on the program’s site.
  2. Authors recommend to “[...] ensure that [the] computer's clock is set to the correct date before using GDA.” (Lewis, 2002).
  3. “On 11 January 2008 [...] the download format from self-extracting zip archive to a simple zip archive [was changed]. [...] The new zip file contains an additional example data file (fbi99.nex) included at the request of Bruce Weir [...].” (Lewis, 2006).
  4. “[There is a] command-line-only version of GDA that runs under Mac OS 10.2.8 and 10.3. [...] you should open a terminal window, navigate to the folder containing the file, and type "chmod +x gda1.1" to make GDA executable.” (Lewis, 2006).


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